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1. C. Caris-Veyrat, M.-J. Amiot, R. Ramasseul, J.-C. Marchon - Mild oxidative cleavage of ?,?-carotene by dioxygen induced by a ruthenium porphyrin catalyst: characterization of products and of some possible intermediates - New J. Chem. 25(2) (2001) 203-206.

2. V. Tyssandier, N. Cardinault, C. Caris-Veyrat, M.-J. Amiot, P. Grolier, C. Bouteloup, V. Azais-Braesco, P. Borel- Vegetable-borne lutein, lycopene and ?-carotene compete with each other for their incorporation in chylomicron, but this has no adverse effect on the long-term plasma status of carotenoids in humans- Am. J. Clin. Nutr. 75 (2002) 526-534.

3. C. Caris-Veyrat, A. Schmid, M. Carail, V. Böhm, Cleavage products of lycopene produced by in vitro oxidations: characterization and mechanism of formation- J. Agric. Food Chem. 51 (2003) 7318-7325.

4. V Tyssandier, C Feillet-Coudray, C Caris-Veyrat, J-C Guilland, C Coudray, S Bureau, M. Reich, M.-J. Amiot-Carlin, C. Bouteloup-Demange, Y. Boirie, P. Borel- Effect of tomato product consumption on the plasma status of antioxidant microconstituents and on the plasma total antioxidant capacity in healthy subjects. J. Am. Coll. Nutr. 23(2) (2004) 148-156.

5. C. Caris-Veyrat, M.-J. Amiot, V. Tyssandier, D. Grasselly, M. Buret, M. Mikolajczak, J.-C. Guilland, C. Bouteloup-Demange, P. Borel- Influence of organic versus conventional agricultural practice on the antioxidant microconstituent content of tomatoes and derived purees; consequences on antioxidant plasma status in human- J. Agric. Food Chem.  52 (2004) 6503-6509.

6. E. Vulcain, P. Goupy, C. Caris-Veyrat, O. Dangles, Inhibition of the metmyoglobin-induced peroxidation of linoleic acid by dietary antioxidants: action in the aqueous vs. lipid phase
Free Radical Research, under Press.

7.  Stéphane Georgé, Franck Tourniaire, Hélène Gautier, Pascale Goupy, Edmond Rock, Catherine Caris-Veyrat.  Changes in the contents of carotenoids, phenolic compounds and vitamin C during technical processing and lyophilisation of red and yellow tomatoes. Food Chemistry, In Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available online 14 August 2010;  doi:10.1016/j.foodchem.2010.08.024