Tuesday, January 18th 2022

Information for Patient Care Organizations

Cardiovascular diseases are a main mortality cause in Europe and all developed territories. Lycopene is a plant pigment found in high concentration, among others, in tomatoes, Europe’s second-most important agricultural crop and the main lycopene source in the diet. There is evidence that lycopene protects against this disease. However, its content in tomato products and its beneficial effects have not been sufficiently linked because research has lacked a “total food chain” approach. LYCOCARD will investigate the role of lycopene in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, by addressing each link in a “farm to fork” approach to increase the understanding of diet and health. Based on the research outcomes, two patient organisations will develop new health and dietary guidelines for primary prevention, aimed at reducing the incidence of cardiovascular diseases as well as providing guidelines for those people at risk. An example could be: “Eat five fruits and vegetables, including a tomato product, per day”.

Patients Care Organisations interested in being kept informed of the project developments should contact us.