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LYCOCARD Publications

March 31, 2009

The following papers have recently been published by LYCOCARD scientists, based on the research carried out as part of the project:

Moussa, M., Landrier, J.F., Reboul, E., Ghiringhelli, O., Comera, C., Collet, X., Fröhlich, K., Böhm, V., Borel, P. Lycopene absorption in human intestinal cells and in mice involves scavenger receptor class B type I but not niemann pick C1-like. Journal of Nutrition (2008), 138 :1-5.

Palozza P, Simone R, Mele MC. Interplay of carotenoids with cigarette smoking: Implications in lung cancer. Curr Med Chem. 2008;15:844-54. Review.

Gouranton, E., EL Yazidi, C., Cardinault, N., Amiot-Carlin, M.J., Borel, P., Landrier, J.F. Purified low density lipoprotein and bovine serum albumine efficiency to internalise lycopene in adipocytes. Food and Chemical Toxicology (2008), 46:3832-3836.

Bohm, V. Investigating the role of lycopene for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism (2007), 51(supplement 1):41.

Borel, P. In vivo studies planned in the European Integrated project “Lycocard” (Role of lycopene for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases). Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism (2007), 51(supplement 1):41.

Palozza, P. Lycopene, its metabolites and its oxidative/degradative products: Biological activities in in vitro models. Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism (2007), 51(supplement 1):42.

M.J. Periago; F.J. García-Alonso; K. Jaco; M.D. Iniesta; D. Pérez. Lycopene and other antioxidants in tomato and tomato products. Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism (2007), 51(supplement 1):42.

Pérez-Conesa D, García-Alonso FJ, García-Valverde V, Iniesta MD, Jacob K, Sánchez-Siles LM, Ros G, Periago MJ (2009). Changes in bioactive compounds and antioxidant activity during homogenization and thermal processing of tomato puree. In Food Sci Emerg Technol. 10:177-188.

Licopeno y otros antioxidantes del tomate. Papel en la prevención de enfermedades cardiovasculares- Periago Castón, MJ; García-Alonso, J; Jacob, K; Jorge Vidal, V; García Valverde, V; Ros Berruezo, G in “Ciencia en la Frontera: revista de ciencia y tecnología de la UACJ”, Vol. VI No. Especial, Octubre 2008 –by Maria Periago (in Spanish)

Einfluss des Verzehrs von Tomatenmark auf die Endothelfunktion sowie auf lipophile, antioxidativ wirksame Parameter im Plasma. Fröhlich, K., Kuhn, C., Hentschel, S., Witzel, V., Jochmann, N., Jacob, C., Böhm, V., Müller, L., Gericke, C., Baumann, G., Stangl, K., Lorenz, M., Stangl, V.; in Proc. Germ. Nutr. Soc. 13 (2009) 20 (in German)

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