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LYCOCARD Industrial Platform launches

November 16, 2009

On 29th October 2009, Constantino Vaia, the current president of Amitom,
announced the launch of the LYCOCARD Industrial Platform.

One of LYCOCARD’s strategic objectives is “To enhance opportunities for SMEs
and strengthen European competitiveness in the food industry”.

To fulfil this aim and to create competitive advantages for the tomato
industry, dissemination activities will be extended during the second half of
the project by the launch of the Industrial Platform.

Interested companies, associations and organisations will be asked to pay a
small fee to help expand LYCOCARD dissemination activities. As well as
communicating the project’s results, the platform will create networks of
stake-holders relevant for the development and public acceptance of
lycopene-rich (tomato-based) foods.

For further information, please download the IP brochure -

English: LYCOCARD Industrial Platform Brochure – Part 1

Italiano: Catalogo della Piattaforma industriale LYCOCARD - Parte 1

Español: Folleto de la Plataforma Industrial LYCOCARD – 1ª Parte

Français: Plate-forme industrielle LYCOCARD – Brochure partie 1

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